19Global Macros
  • Burgeoning urban population is engaging in a variety of economic activities in rapidly expanding cities which are encountering escalation in urban travel demands.
  • Urban transport systems in large developing cities face major challenges due to continuous growth in population, change in demographic pattern, vehicle ownerships and fragility of public transport system that has exacerbated the demand for transport and transportation infrastructure.
  • Consequences are felt by businesses, households and community at large.
  • Prevailing imbalances in modal split besides inadequate infrastructure and sub optimal use.
Indian Context
  • One of emerging economies of the world with over 50% GDP coming from urban areas
  • Rapid urbanization with corresponding transportation demand both intra and inter city
  • Absence of reliable and comfortable public transport system
  • Buoyant economic growth and rapid increase in vehicle ownership
  • Declining share of public transport
  • Absence / skewed dispersion of multi modal transpiration
  • Inadequate connectivity – both frequencies and basic comfort
Policy Initiatives
  • National Urban Transport Policy