Rural Development Sector


mr-rajeshwari-pingal1.jpgMrs. Rajeshwari Rao Pingali, Director
A Graduate of Sarojini Naidu Vanitha Mahavidyalaya, Hyderabad, a Stanford University Reuters Digital Vision Fellow and Associate of the Emerging Leaders Program of Georgetown University, USA. A Social Development Practitioner in the areas of science, technology and society.

As globalisation became a reality in India, it also started to rapidly impinge on social structures. There was increasing pressure to make markets work for the poor and also create new and appropriate markets, which could adapt to the needs and aspirations of the people and their local conditions, especially in the impoverished regions.

There emerged a serious need to foster an environment of social development commitment along with commercial understanding to reap economic benefits for the resource poor in the social space. It was clear that it was possible to make positive changes to the lives of people by putting technological, managerial and academic skills and pursuits at work.

As a larger canvas emerged for the group, appropriate changes were applied. Ploughing back some of the resources for the cause of social development became an imperative. As a commitment to the cause of social development, it was accepted that the organisation would move beyond the project mode, by giving sustainable mechanisms an optimum thrust.