Business Architecture


Project Development is the art of bringing disparate elements together into an Organic Whole. This we achieve by combining it with the science of designing, planning and execution; optimizing time and resources at hand through a practical approach to building essential advantages.

Development Scoping
  • Opportunity Mapping
  • Obtaining concessions through competitive bids or acquisition
  • Partnership with concession holders
  • JV/PDC
  • Capability Gap Assessment and Mitigation
Slew of services
  • Location and Environment Assessment and Clearance
  • Techno-economic viability studies
  • Scouting and recruitment of Specialist Consultants
  • Preparation and review of DPRs
  • Bankable Project Documentation
  • Leadership support during development and execution
  • Capacity Building and Training
  • Co-developer Identification and Cooption (where required)
  • Project Development Partnership and Equity Participation
Capital Fortunes has over the years applied it’s acquired knowledge in various sectors & domains by way of rendering advisory, beyond advisory, investment banking solutions; these experiences are enabled CFL in developing projects through deep insights in the following sectors.


Energy, Fuel Oil and GasTransportationUrban Infrastructure Muncipal ServicesRural DevelopmentTourism Hospitality and leisure