About Us


HistoryFounded in 1996 Capital Fortunes is a boutique infrastructure development catalyst. Powered by the first generation reforms in India that unleashed opportunities during mid 90s; CFPL set out to serve and shape the growth agenda of leading business establishments in the infrastructure space. Drawing upon the talents and insights of more than 50 persons we assist our clients achieve the essential advantages in planning and executing infrastructure projects.

Vision & Values
vision-values-imageTo become the preferred partner to State and Private Enterprises in identifying and executing Infrastructure Projects. This we set out to achieve by focusing on following three themes:

  • Work collaboratively with clients, stakeholders and key elements in the Economic Ecosystem to “deliver projects”
  • To support Private Enterprises through Investment Banking Support that results in optimal financial structures and funding strategy with imaginative risk capital deployment aimed at creating maximum shareholder value for the Client
  • Policy advisory that leads to private resources serve public interest through PPP initiatives and reforms in state ownership structures.

Through a constructive and value based culture of honesty, trust, openness and accountability.