Energy, Fuels, Oil and Gas

7The World is growing more and more hungry for energy. By 2035 the energy requirement of the Planet would increase by 30%

We understand the energy demands of the economy and pressures to ignore the strain on the environment. The move towards renewable energy is evident but to be realistic our dependence on fossil fuels will remain for decades to come. At CFPL we are constantly innovating and aim to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and extend the life of fossil fuel based plant and concomitantly allow renewable sources of energy to achieve economies of scale and wherever possible grid achieves parity . Also we will focus on improving energy efficiency in the Energy Sector value chain through multi pronged strategies.

  • Fuel constraints to intensify over mid-term
  • Uncertainty over safety of nuclear power plants
  • Environmental challenges of using coal
  • Social challenges for Hydro Power Plants
  • Affordability of energy from renewable sources
  • Poor end use efficiency

CFL – Energy Business Group has designed its product and services to address the above challenges in Energy Sector and has aligned its model of delivery accordingly