Business Architecture

Advisory and Beyond

Advisory BeyondThe governance and Reforms Division’s outreach provides advisory services in the area of action research and implementation of governance by identifying sectoral areas for reform that will make the most impact on improving performance and policy making in government Helping translate the goals and policy priorities of public management agencies into tangible reform actions. Working with stakeholders to analyze key issues in governance, design solutions and support the implementation of reforms.

Governance and Reforms
  • Institutional and Government Client Practice
  • Governance and Reforms
  • Public Private Partnership
  • Social and Development Research
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
Private Client Practice
  • Business Consulting
  • Public Private Partnership
  • Transaction and Bid Advisory
  • Eligibility supplementing and enhancement
  • Corporate Tax and Legal
Social Development Research
  • Social and Developmental Research
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Knowledge mapping and management
  • Innovation and process consultancy
  • Skill development & Capacity building
  • Communication and ICT